Catalogue raisonné

Find here the entire set of prints I have realized after more than fifty years of graphic work. As of today 182 references are listed. You will survey the evolution of my work through the years, from my very first works in the United States - in the sixties - to the prints I printed with my own press in 2016. Etchings, lithographs, linocuts for the most part but also woodcuts, put together in this complete catalogue of my prints. Needless to say the catalogue raisonné will be updated all along my new creations and that each new print while just out of my press will be introduced in these pages. It is of course one of the advantages of an online catalogue.

Note 1: 22 prints, inserted into the chronological order, carry the number of the previous print follow-up of letters a or b.
?Note 2: We decided to display the prints by sets of fifteen, you just need to click left or right on the arrows to switch to the new group of fifteen prints. By clicking on one of the small images, you will enlarge the picture of the print with its complete description. At this stage, the image can even be displayed on full screen.

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