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« Every two months, you will find in this section a print that I decided to put forward. I will explain here how the print was made with its long evolving process. Most of the prints presented here will be taken from my graphic work, but I reserve the right to also present other prints that I find relevent and significant to my work. »

« For the opening of my website, I chose to present « Fig Tree » (CR N° 97),  a woodcut from 1990, made by the technique that I have now been using for many years: the progressive reduction cutting of the wood block.
First a watercolor was made prior to this printing in order to  determine the composition and color solution. There was for "Fig Tree" (43 x 53.3 cm), 42 steps or cuttings prior to final printing (several repetitions of opaque white to block out a previous color are not shown). It is easily understood that these 42 steps must be taken for the entire edition (here 75 prints on Japanese paper format Misumi 61 x 80 cm and 5 proofing sheets on newsprint). This then represents 3360 passages through the press just to make the edition. But to make this presentation, I had to make  a second series, eliminating an example at each stage to show you now. While the ink is drying, I cut away any shapes that are to remain that color so that they will no longer print and so on. One must count at least a day for each printing, but creative cutting might make the process even longer.